MAGIC MASK For Genesis 3 Female(s)

MAGIC MASK For Genesis 3 Female(s)

Magic Mask for genesis 3 Female(s) is a conforming and morphing mask.
This package comes with many pre-installed morphs to create different looks and styles to change the mask and create different masks.

Besides the pre-installed style-morphs for the mask it automatically conforms to any morph dialed in Genesis 3 Female(s) through auto-follow in DAZ Studio 4.8 or higher.

Included Morphs:
- 3 surface morphs
- 1 adjustment forehead morph
- 13 style morphs
(See examples in PROMOS)

With the included presets you can create different masks with ease.

You can also use the sliders for the morphs under the tab parameters, to change the values manually. But be very careful not to overdo, as you may see some unwanted deformation with overlapping morphing parts of the mask!

Included Mats for DAZ Studio IRay only (DAZ Studio 4.8+, 4.9 or higher required)
Textures: Bump- and Normal Maps (See readme.txt for details)

- 16 style/shape morph-presets (with RESET shape preset)
- 7 combined morph-presets
- 3 presets to show or hide parts

25 presets in total for iray-materials:
- 10 with iray metallic colors
- 1 Normals ON and 1 Normals OFF preset
- 6 separate color presets for the decoration-parts
- 2 Glow in the Dark presets for the decoration-parts
- 5 iray material presets for a plastic shaderlook

Select your Genesis 3 Female in your scene and go to your content library where you can find the Magic-Mask to apply first.
My Library\People\Genesis 3 Female\Accessories\Mar3D\Magic Mask G3F

It will fit to your character and follow the shape of the head.
Now you can select the mask and apply the shape and material-presets you wish.

I hope you will love your renders and bring some magic in your scene with this Magic Mask for your Genesis 3 Females


Used in Promo-images:
Super Goldoine for G3F (coming soon), Amber Hair by OOT, SAV Goldy Hair, Short Hair by Powerage, TAU hair by Prae, Intrigue Corset by Lilflame (at Renderosity), Milenhair (at DAZ)

Daz Studio 4.8 ONLY, Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Requirements:  DAZ Studio with iray required

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio