Red Army - Ski Trooper

Red Army - Ski Trooper

The Soviet Union actively used ski troops (russian: Lyzniki) during World War II, especially during the counter-offensive near Moscow in 1941-1942. Near Moscow, during the general battle for the capital and during the counteroffensive, more than 30 special ski battalions, made up of the best athletes in the country, operated. The Red Army was able to apply the experience of the Finnish war. This affected, first of all, maneuverable combat operations in winter, equipment and supplies of troops. So, the Soviet command, experiencing a shortage of armored equipment, used cavalry and separate ski brigades as breakthrough troops, where possible, which, relying on the experience gained in the "winter war", bypassed the enemy flanks. Near Leningrad, partisan detachments from among students-skiers waged military operations using their skills in skiing and other military-applied sports. Enemies dubbed these units "ski death". In the first year of the war alone, they killed about 3,000 enemy soldiers and officers, blew up 87 railway bridges, derailed more than 1,000 wagons with troops and military supplies, and attacked 24 enemy airfields.

What is included:
Poser Conforming figures:
Snow Oversuit
Snow Trousers
Ski Boots L+R
Gloves L+R

Smart Props:
Dynamic Clothing
Snow Oversuit
Snow Trousers
Ski L+R
Ski Pole L+R
Tied Skis

Ski Setup Pose
Downhill Skiing Poses 1-3
Telemark Skiing
Ski Carrying 1-2

Partial Poses:
M4 RH + LH Ski Poles
M4 Feet Pose
M4 Leg Pose

Fixing Poses:
M4 Hand Hide-Show
M4 Legs Hide-Show

Clean and Snow Covered Textures for all items

Sunny Day - Mulitlight Promo preset

Up to 2kx2k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 115 MB.
suitable for animations. Historical Recostruction.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
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