Honey Bee Set For Vue

Honey Bee Set For Vue

Bees for your garden or orchard scene ...

This "kit" of bees consists of an old wooden beehive, some individual poseable bees of high, medium and low resolution, three masses of bees in flight and in hovering position, and a simple honey jar with wooden dipper and metal lid.

You can place the beehive in a corner of your garden, or in an orchard or field scene, and then position the bees in flight, or arrange them around it. One mass of bees is in flight from a single tree knothole source. Another mass of bees is in flight, leaving the beehive. The third mass is hovering around a large object, such as the beehive.

You can use the individual bees in closeup, or combine them with the beehive or honey scene. Two very simple example scenes are shown here; one with the bees positioned around a flower, and the other with the bees leaving the hive.

All these elements render very quickly - they will not contribute too many polygons to a scene with a lot of vegetation.

Software: Vue 9

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