Jellyfish - Animated with UE4 & Octane Support

Jellyfish - Animated with UE4 & Octane Support

The Moon Jellyfish is a low-poly 3d model ready for Rendering in 3D Studio Max, implementation to Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

The 3D Studio Max file contains the rigged and animated model.
I have also included an Unreal 4 Project with a Spline Animated blueprint for easy animation.

This Asset also includes the working Photoshop files with assorted layers that were used to create the textures.
There are 7 textures (mostly 1024x2048), and one custom HDR environment reflection texture.

The Model contains 4 animated LOD Levels
LOD0 = 1728 Tris
LOD1 = 1330 Tris
LOD2 = 648 Tris
LOD3 = 266 Tris

Jellyfish_Anim.FBX FBX 2014 Animated with 100 Frames
Jellyfish_Octane.max (3D Studio Max 2014, Octane Renderer 3.03.4 - 4.20)
Jellyfish_StandardMaterials.max (3D Studio Max 2014, Standard Renderer) Unreal 4.15 Project for Jellyfish Spline Animated Asset

JellyfishTop_Refraction.jpg Refraction Texture
JellyfishTop_Opacity.jpg Opacity Mask
JellyfishTop_GlowWaveMask.jpg Glow Mask for Panning Texture Animation
JellyfishTop_Glow.jpg Glow-Always-On Mask
JellyfishTop_Dif.jpg Diffuse Texture
JellyfishTendrils_Norm.jpg Normal Map
JellyfishTendrils_Glow.jpg Glow Mask
JellyfishTendrils_Opacity.jpg Opacity Mask
HDR_Davis3D_Studio_1.hdr HDR Environment Texture for Rendering in Octane

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