Songbird ReMix Australia v1

Songbird ReMix Australia v1

24 Australian birds ready for a walkabout outback adventure.

Songbird ReMix Australia Volume 1 contains the first half of Australian game birds, parrots, and songbirds from endemic “Doves and Pigeons” to “Whipbirds and Babblers”. Featured are such common Australian birds as the Common Bronzewing, the Australian Ringneck Parrot and the Weebill, and iconic birds like the Superb Lyrebird. As with all Songbird Remix volumes, more unusual and endangered birds are also included such as the tiny Mallee Emu-wren that is more tail than bird and the colorful and vivid Rainbow Bee-eater.

All of these birds use the latest versions of the Songbird ReMix base models and all of its enhanced features. All of the birds use Songbird Remix technology which means you can animate them from a standing pose to full flight, plus have scores of morphs for customization. Any of the birds from this package are worthy centerpieces in any form of imagery.

  • Models(.cr2/.obj formats)
    • SBRM3 Base
    • SBRM3 Parrot Base
    • SBRM3 Gamebird Base
    • SBRM3 Syndactyl Base
    • SBRM3 Zygodactyl Base
    • Conforming Parts included:
      • Tail 8 for the male Lyrebird
  • Bird Species(.pz2, .duf and .dsa formats)
    • Doves & Pigeons
      • Diamond Dove
      • Common Bronzewing
    • Cockatoos and Parrots
      • Bourke's Parrot (both male and female versions included)
      • Australian Ringneck (Zonarius and Barnardi races)
      • Princess Parrot
    • Cuckoos and Coucals
      • Pallid Cuckoo
      • Pheasant Coucal
    • Kingfishers & Kookaburras
      • Azure Kingfisher
    • Bee-eaters, Rollers and Pittas
      • Rainbow Bee-eater
    • Lyrebirds and Scrub-birds
      • Superb Lyrebird (both male and female versions included)
    • Sittellas and Treecreepers
      • Varied Sittella
    • Fairy-wrens and their allies
      • Splendid Fairy-wren (Splendens, Melanotus and Musgravei races included)
      • Mallee Emu-wren
    • Pardalotes, Bristlebirds, Scrubwrens, Gerygones and Thornbills
      • Weebill
      • Yellow-rumped Thornbill
    • Honeyeaters and Australian Chats
      • White-fronted Honeyeater
    • Whipbirds, Wedgebills, Quail-thrushes and Babblers
      • Eastern Whipbird (both male and female versions included)
      • Grey-crowned Babbler
  • Poses:
    • Flight5
    • Flight6
    • Flight7
    • Perch Limb
    • Zygodactyl Perch1
    • Zygodactyl Perch2
    • Zygodactyl Perch3
    • Lyrebird Stand
    • 3 partial poses for the Lyrebird tail
  • Formats
    • Consolidated Poser 6+ and DAZ Studio 4.5+ Bird Character Presets (.pz2/.duf)
    • Legacy DAZ Studio3 Bird Character Presets Available in the Separate Legacy Folder
  • Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 3+, Poser 6+
Release Date Jul 15, 2010
Animals for Poser and Daz Studio