3D Windows Maker - DAZ Iray Shaders

3D Windows Maker - DAZ Iray Shaders

3D Windows maker is the tool for create infinite windows with multiple glass or mirror effects.

This kit includes :
- 1 Preload wall + 1 Preload window surfaces.
- 20 windows shaders with their 20 poses for load the better format. You can also modify the scales height and/or width of each window.
- 09 Glass shaders.
- 09 Mirror shaders.
- 1 PDF with illustrated documentation : sted by step with screenshots.

This kit is also perfect for begin with Geometry Editor Tool. The tutorial will give you useful bases for your future creations.

Combine shaders on window : create for example a glass window with one or more mirror area(s).
Use Glass and Mirror shaders on any object, this kit is not limited to windows.

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