Alien Hive- Modular Collection Volume #1 - Unity 3D Version - Extended License

Alien Hive- Modular Collection Volume #1 - Unity 3D Version  - Extended License


Alien Hive- Modular Collection Volume #1 is a huge Modular Sci-Fi Model Pack designed so that you can build Massive Sci-Fi Playsets/Scenes. Excellent for building Interiors for eerie Space Stations, Space Ships, Underground Military Bases, Alien Research Labs or anything else you can think of! Highly detailed Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Metal Pillars, Entrances, Grated Platforms & Containers. The theme is rusty, corroded, dirty, paint-chipped, scratched metal structures to give that Sci-Fi Horror or weathered look to your projects. Design Massive Sci-Fi Scenes faster than ever before!!

And you can Edit/Add/Create your own Modular Prefabs with our large library of Base Props using the Prefab feature in Unity 3D.

Build endless Creepy Sci-Fi Corridors, Multi-Level Structures, Spaceship Landing Platforms, Metal Bridges, Grated Platforms, Ramps, Landing Bays, Storage Areas, Detention Areas and more. It's really up to your imagination. The combinations with this collection are endless!

With this collection you can Move, Rotate, Scale, Clone your Props and Prefabs into your next Sci-Fi Master-Piece!

17 Sci-Fi Metal Walls (Double-Sided)
3 Large Ceiling/Floor Props (with pipes and support beams)
2 Entrance Ways/with Doors
8 Metal Grated Platforms
7 Metal Support Pillars
8 Metal Floors/Ceilings
1 Metal Ramp
1 Metal Support Frame

Texture Maps: Diffuse(Color), Specular, Gloss, Normal, Bump, AO
Texture Resolution- 4096 x 4096 pixels
Texture Format: PNG (.png)

*(NOTE: File Size is Very Large- Approximately 2 GB)

Software: UNITY

Requirements: Unity 3D Software

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio