Ancient Persia Kitbash - River Group

Ancient Persia Kitbash - River Group

This is one group of models from a kitbash collection of more than one hundred (100) models for the ancient Persian city of Istahr. Istahr was a principal Persian city of the ancient Archaemenid Empire founded in 7th Century Persia. The kitbash collection includes some of the major and minor buildings of the city, fountains, boats, background dome and wall structures, and many small items, such as spears, hanging lamps, tables, chairs, bronze "coffee" pots, planters and date palm trees.

The purpose of a "kitbash" collection is to provide you with enough models to allow you to lay out a scene of your own devising. You can arrange the models any way you choose. You can make cityscape scenes with dramatic sunrises, storm clouds or sunsets, embed the city into a landscape, or focus in on an area and populate a neighborhood with Poser or other characters.

This is a Group of twenty-nine models from the Kitbash that focus on the Polver River and scenes of Istahr that might be made from the river.

In this Group, there are two versions of a section of river body. One representation of the Polver river is flowing placidly and has less ripples in it. This section of river will more clearly reflect any images of buildings and boats above the river, especially if the section is scaled to be relatively large. The alternative section of the River has a more visible current. The ripples in the current of water will break-up any reflections of the buildings above it, but will add a greater sense of animation and movement to your scene. These sections of the river body are not seamless, but they can be scaled to be much larger or smaller to fill your camera frame and will still give a good representation of a moving body of river water.

Two high resolution wooden boats are included in the package. One is a small dhow with full sail and the other is a river skiff with specialized oar. This kind of oar has a knob on the end of the blade - it is used either for poling along a river bank, or for rowing the boat.

This Group also contains several river wall sections and units for the walls that demarcated the city plaza from the river. Among these pieces are a stone dock and a piece with steps leading up from the river to any of the temple buildings. Domed cupolas were often placed on stepped foundations in the rivers, sometimes just for decoration in front of the Zoroastrian temples, and other times as night-time navigation beacons. One of these is in this Group.

Because views from the river naturally take in a broader view of the cityscape, this Group has items that extend the city background. There are two additional buildings. One is a temple and the other is a two-story residence with arched walkways along the upper story. There are two open-arched domes: one small and one very large. The narrow arches in these two domes and the arches in the two-story residence building have the same shapes. You can create a scene where the dome arches are "echoed" in or are "complementary to" the arches in the lower residence building. (This scene-building technique is illustrated in the product picture focused on the River Cupola.) Other items in this Group that help to fill out the background cityscape are two dome cylinders with somewhat darker hues than those found in other parts of the kitbash collection, a set of alcove background walls, and ten different medium-resolution date palm trees with lower polygon counts than those in other Groups.

All the Istahr Kitbash models are high resolution, as illustrated in the pictures of these lamps and fountains, but have been made with care to minimize the number of polygons so that you can populate a large scene without overly straining your computer. THESE MODELS ARE IN THE *.OBJ FILE FORMAT, which can be imported into a wide variety of programs. Because all of these models are high resolution, except for the medium-resolution date palms, you can use any of them for both close-up or far-away scenes.

A catalogue showing all the models available in the kitbash collection is included in the zip files for this smaller group of models, and can be downloaded in the Freestuff area. The catalogue will be updated in August to show additional models in the Istahr Kitbash collection

Software: Vue 7, Daz Studio 3, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Blender, UNREAL Game Engine

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