Cozy Restaurant - for DAZ Studio

Cozy Restaurant - for DAZ Studio

A cozy corner slice of a restaurant, perfect for romantic scenes. Includes 2 chairs, table, tablecloth, wine glasses, plates with napkins, and all of the silverware shown. Food and drink not included, but look for more from Vanishing Point very soon.

Product Features:
* DAZ Studio prop: dsf, duf/ png, with 356,464 polygons.
* Includes the following separate parts, which can be repositioned or hidden/ shown:
- Left and right chair
- Table
- Tablecloth
- Two wine glasses
- Two plates
- Two napkin placeholders on the plates
- Left and right silverware, including forks, knives, and spoons

* One texture scheme.
* The wine in the glasses is a separate material which can be made a different color or made transparent.
* All of the materials use Iray shaders.

All sales images rendered in DAZ Studio with an HDRI skydome environment.
Designed for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 and above with Iray. Not recommended for use in other software programs.
Original model by, and acquired, from Poserworld, and now owned by VanishingPoint.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio