Marmi Cabins

Marmi Cabins

Marmi Cabins for DAZ Studio 4.9

Wooden beach cabins colored.
Large set of materials allowing a multitude of combinations.
10 Scenes preset with camera: from one to ten cabins aligned.
Independent doors with opening.

Versilia is the northernmost part of Tuscany by the sea. Famous for its wide sandy beaches, it has several holiday resorts such as Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, marina di Pietrasanta and the lido di Camaiore. The beaches are comfortably equipped with bars, restaurants, deckchairs, tents or parasols, heated towels and showers and are lined with attractive wooden cabins that adorn the colors of the beach and isolate it from the road ...

This package contains:

(.DUF)(Scene Set)
01 Marmi Cabin 3Delight.duf
01 Marmi Cabin Iray.duf
02 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
02 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
03 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
03 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
04 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
04 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
05 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
05 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
06 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
06 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
07 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
07 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
08 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
08 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
09 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
09 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf
10 Marmi Cabins 3Delight.duf
10 Marmi Cabins Iray.duf

Materials Iray and 3Delight (.DUF)
Cabin 01.duf
Cabin 02.duf
Cabin 03.duf
Cabin 04.duf
Cabin 05.duf
Cabin 06.duf
Cabin 07.duf
Door 01.duf
Door 02.duf
Door 03.duf
Door 04.duf
Door 05.duf
Door 06.duf
Door 07.duf
Floor 01.duf
Floor 02.duf
Floor 03.duf
Floor 04.duf
Floor 05.duf
Floor 06.duf
Floor 07.duf
Ornaments 01.duf
Ornaments 02.duf
Ornaments 03.duf
Ornaments 04.duf
Ornaments 05.duf
Ornaments 06.duf

10 Cameras Sets

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio