Middle East Market - for Vue

Middle East Market - for Vue

In the middle of the desert sits this outpost. Who created it? What kind of activity goes on here? Will we see good being traded and people sent on their way on camels? Or will something more sinister occur here?
A semi-circle of buildings surrounds an inner market with stall and wagons where merchants display their goods- some out in the open and some under the cover of tents.

.: Product Features :.
* One Vue vob file, at 90,524 polygons.
All of the following parts can be rotated, repositioned, or hidden/ shown from the scene:
* Barrel001...003
* BigStand001
* BigTent
* Box09
* Bucket001
* Cap001...002
* Carpet001
* Cloths
* Fruits001...003
* House001...009
* Jar001
* Ladder001...002
* Market
* MediumJar001...005
* Palm001...008
* SmallBarrel001...l004
* SmallJar001..003
* SmallTable001...005
* Stand001...003
* StandTent001...002
* StandTentCenter
* Table001...002
* WoodBox
* WoodBoxBroken
* WoodenStand001
* Wagon001...003

.: Textures :.
* One set of texture and corresponding normal bump maps, ranging from 512x512 to 1024x1024.
All textures are incorporated into the Vue vob file and no textures are included in the zip file.

Software: Vue 10

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio