Modular Mansion 5 The Kitchens (PRIME)

Modular Mansion 5 The Kitchens (PRIME)

The Kitchens base model (comprising back door, kitchens, pantry, servant stairs, kitchen courtyard and courtyard corridor) with 14 built-in morphs (Doors modular/standalone, Remove Kitchen Roof, Remove Pantry Roof, Back Door Open/Close, Dining Room Door L Open/Close, Dining Room Door R Open/Close, Cellar Door Open/Close, Kitchen Door01 Open/Close, Kitchen Door02 Open/Close, Pantry Door Open/Close, Conservatory Door Open/Close, Hall Door01 Open/Close, Hall Door02 Open/Close, Courtyard Door Open/Close)
- Barrel x 2
- Bird Bath
- Belfast Sink
- Bowl
- Cupboard (with 2 door morphs)
- Curtains x 4
- Drying Rack
- Farmhouse Table
- Hall Table01
- Hall Table02 (with morphing vase)
- Ivy
- Kettle
- Kitchen Chair x 6
- Laundry Mangle
- Painting01
- Painting02
- Pantry Shelves
- Cooking Pot
- Range (with 3 morphs for oven doors)
- Saucepan
- Stone Bench
- Utensils
- Wall Shelves
- Welsh Dresser
- Workbench x 3

Modular and Standalone light sets
12 cameras for easy scene creation
All textures at 300 dpi

Options to load complete scene or individual elements in either modular or standalone formats.

Software: Poser 6+, Poser Pro 2014 & Game Dev

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio