Ourias's world : Bundle Pizzeria

Ourias's world : Bundle Pizzeria

Welcome to our new product Line : Ourias's World

Ourrias is a gynoid (a gynoid is a robot with the appearance of a woman) who lives in a parallel world that is very similar to the earth.
On this earth, the inhabitants are very respectful of the nature and to preserve this one they decided to live in flying houses. They developed non-polluting technologies.
To you to invent their daily!

Product Description.
With this new product line you can build the world of Ourias as you imagine it.
All objects have been modeled in the same scale too You can combine them with objects of the furturs packages.

Included in the first bundle "Pizzeria" :
- Pizzeria "Vesuvio"
- a metal walkway
- a parking

These objects have been tested in DAZ studio 4.10, POSER 10 and VUE 8.5

There is far more to come on this product line. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your purchase.


Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio