Park Avenue set V

Park Avenue set V

Park Avenue set V

The last set of this series!

In this set the buildings are from the genesis 02, and they are smaller in height, so less polys and easy to handle, in addiction there is an coffee bar with interior for close ups, this one
can even be used without the main set, just a character and a HDRI sky or background will make a scene, the doors of the coffee bar can be opened, all the models are from mid to low poly and
they are split in parts so practical to use and move. However you must keep in mind to turn off all the necessary props in order to navigate in the viewport specially the landscape props, and
turn them on back when rendering, by doing so you can navigate comfortably in the viewport despite of the urban large scale.

All promotional renders are made either in Poser or DazStudio, mostly in Daz since my Poser version is old, (I imagine with the reality plug in for poser it would look great).


The HDRI used in the promo scenes is not included it is part of the "Park Avenue set IV" the "urban Kit" the scenes are included to achieve the same look you just need to load the HDRI from "Park Avenue set IV" and turn off the cast shadows and rotate it according to your scene.

The advertising posters on the buildings can be turned off,deleted or replaced.
The images used in the promos are not included for copyright issues instead there are other images you can replace them if you want in the textures folder just keep the same naming.

The buildings are from "mid high poly" to "mid poly" vertices so if you have a low resources computer you can use the coffee bar and 2 or 3 buildings it will be alright.
The coffee bar is from mid to low poly so it is ok for low resources computers and for faster renders just don't use the reflections.

As a series of Park Avenue set's you can mix the props with other sets of this series as well the materials, and make huge avenue scenes or smaller scenes of your liking the urban design roads etc will fit perfectly between sets.

For Poser this pack contains:

-57 props
-6 sets of lights
-5 cameras
-84 materials

-5 Poser scenes

-high resolution textures

For DAz Studio this pack contains:

-57 props
-4 sets of lights
-12 cameras
-44 materials

-9 Daz studio scenes

-high resolution textures

Thank you for reading and have good fun!

Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4

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Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio