P.I.C.K. SciFi Base

P.I.C.K. SciFi Base

P.I.C.K. SciFi Base.

Poser Indoor Creation Kit, or "PICK", was designed for the accurate, realistic and flexible creation of indoor SciFi Poser scenes. The components were modeled to seamlessly integrate with each other while giving the flexibility to create the SciFi scene YOU want. Modeled in exact scale with extreme accuracy in both models and textures PICK SciFi provides the "tools" needed to set up a realistic indoor SciFi scene within minutes. Whether you want a communications bridge, a corridor or a full space station or space ship interior PICK allows you to build the scene you have in mind rather than being stuck with preset sets.

Unleash your creative mind - thousands of potential combinations at your fingertips!

This Product Includes:
- 48 Individual Components (3D models - .PP2 and .OBJ formats)
- 14 Base shaders (.MC6)
- 16 Preset shaders (.MC6)
- 31 Screen textures (.MC6)
- Full Documentation and Users Guide (.HTML)

Most of the included components have morphs to change the look and feel, open/close doors, raise/lower chairs and consoles, etc.

Software: Poser 6+

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio