Sci Fi Hospital For DS

Sci Fi Hospital For DS

Sci Fi Hospital

For DS
Futuristic Hospital with Cryogenic area, Surgery Area and Recovery Area.
10 Presets Camera
The set includes side and exterior wall props and separate floors that can be removed to facilitate setting up scenes, cameras, or directing light.

Character,Hair, Surgery Bed, Cryo Tube and Recovery Bed on images are NOT included!


The promotional images were made by changing some textures (floor, ceiling or walls) by a light shader included in this set: CR Neon light.duf.
The opposite walls, not visible in the scene, have been extinguished.
Finally, in the "Render Setting / Environment" tab of DAZ Studio software, the "Environment intensity" slider has been pushed from position 1 to position 5.
The post production work was to add cyan to the image and adjust areas of blur.

This package contains:
Scenes Sets :

Sci Fi Hospital.duf
Sci Fi Hospital.duf.png

Sci Fi Hospital Full Scene.duf
Sci Fi Hospital Full Scene.duf.png

( Sci Fi Hospital Full Scene required products not included : Surgery Bed, Cryo Tube and Recovery Bed )

Props :

CR Blinds Left
CR Blinds Right
CR Cryo Back Wall
CR Cryo Celling
CR Cryo Floor
CR Cryo Pillars
CR Cryo Wall Left
CR Cryo Wall Right
RR Recovery Back Corridor
RR Recovery Back Wall
RR Recovery Celling
RR Recovery Corridor
RR Recovery Floor
RR Recovery Gate Corridor L
RR Recovery Gate Corridor R
RR Recovery Wall Left
RR Recovery Wall Right
SR Celling 01
SR Central Control Panel
SR Control Panel Left
SR Control Panel Right
SR Floor
SR Screen 01
SR Screen 02
SR Screen 04
SR Screen 05
SR Wall 01
SR Wall 01 Gate L
SR Wall 01 Gate R
SR Wall 02
SR Wall 02 Gate L
SR Wall 02 Gate R
SR Wall 03
SR Wall 03 Gate L
SR Wall 03 Gate R
SR Wall 04

Materials Iray (.DUF)

Sci Fi Hospital Full Scene.duf
Sci Fi Hospital.duf

Sci Fi Hospital Screens

Screen 01.duf
Screen 02.duf
Screen 03.duf
Screen 04.duf
Screen 05.duf
Screen 06.duf
Screen 07.duf
Screen 08.duf
Screen 09.duf
Screen 10.duf
Screen 11.duf
Screen 12.duf
Screen 13.duf
Screen 14.duf
Screen 15.duf

Shaders :
CR Neon light.duf
White Sci Fi.duf

Textures Include:

46 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (4096 x 4096 to 512 x 512 )

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio