Tennis Stadium

Tennis Stadium

Tennis Stadium is a useful stage where you will have everything you need to recreate a tennis game. The scoreboard that can be easily adjusted with material presets to represent any game situation. You have 4 material court. The watch can be adjusted with material presets. Tennis Stadium is a great acquisition for your runtime!
1 Tennis Stadium Build
1 Referee Chair
10 chairs for lines referees
1 Net
6 Rings chairs
1 Scoreboard
2 Watchs
2 Player Chairs

9 Cameras


Court: 4 Iray Mats
Billborad: 4 Iray Mats
Watch: 10 Hours Presets & 12 Minute Presets
Games: 13 presets for each player
Points: 5 presets for each player
Set: 8 Presets for each player
Previous Sets: 8 previous sets presets for each player (4 sets)

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Architecture for Poser and Daz Studio