Timberframe Meditation Room - OBJ

Timberframe Meditation Room - OBJ

This interior, the Timberframe Meditation Room is a simple, but elegant room for practicing mindfulness or meditation. The high resolution room is made of beech timber frames and white walls. It has a polished wood floor, shoji-type sliding doors at the front and right sides, and a small amount of flagstone patio just outside the doors. An ultra modern suspended fireplace has burning logs within it.

The room is specifically designed to allow for the play of sunlight and shadow on your characters and furnishings. Light comes through the overhead skylights and can also come from wall lamps of different types. The Room can support a large variety of interesting and complex lighting arrangements and camera angles.

To allow for as many different points of view as possible, the room is made in four parts. The left wall, the front wall and the right corner wall, as well as the sliding shoji doors are independent objects. These can be "hidden" from the camera, moved away to allow for a good camera angle, or deleted altogether. One of the product images above shows these independent parts in "break-away" mode.

There are thirteen add-on furnishings of contemporary design to place within the room if you wish. These are --

* The ultra modern suspended fireplace with burning oak and beech logs.

* A very high resolution, detailed model of a pink orchid floral arrangement,

* A modern wooden side table that complements the room and the floral arrangement,

Three optional wall lamps --

* A wooden shoji type lamp whose fabric matches that of the sliding shoji doors,

* An elegant LED wall lamp made of arcing gold and frosted glass tubes. The LED shines downward into the frosted glass tube to provide a diffuse light throughout the Room.

* A satin-finish lamp made of gold-colored bands where the light shines above, below and between the bands.

Because this room is designed for mindfulness or meditation, there are two possible seat cushions --

* The square cushion is made of soft blue fleece,

* The round cushion is made of green loop material.

And there are five pillows of different sizes, shapes and fabrics, along with an additional package of eleven more fabric materials for any of the pillows.

All the objects are high-resolution, fully UV-mapped models that could take other materials and shaders. Any of these add-on objects can be used in other scenes, as desired.

Of course, you can put other kinds of furnishings into this room; perhaps turning it into a study, an art or crafts room, a mountain cabin, or a simple, but eye-pleasing bedroom. The lighting also makes for a bright and attractive children's play room.


This *.obj file format model set comes in two alternative versions. Some applications allow you to directly access (move, or hide or delete) the sub-components of a model while others, such as Poser do not seem to allow this. Therefore, the model set is provided in two forms.

One form has the Room itself as a single object, with the wall pieces, fireplace and shoji doors identified as sub-components. (The floral arrangement, table, wall lamps and pillows are separate objects.) [If this version works for you, download the Timberframe Meditation Room _OBJ.zip]

The other form has the Room divided into the separate wall objects as described above. This version is for artists using Poser or other applications that require the pieces to be moved or hidden from the camera to be individual objects. [If this is the best version for you, download the Timberframe Meditation Room - Individual Pieces.zip] (The floral arrangement, table, wall lamps and pillows are separate objects in this package, as well.)

Select and download the version of the Timberframe Meditation Room that is best for your application.

Vue 7, Poser 8 / Poser Pro 2010+, 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Carrara, Blender

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