Luxus for Carrara Resource Pack

Luxus for Carrara Resource Pack

Luxus for Carrara is an innovative product that allows users of Carrara to render extremely realistic images with the free Luxrender. Many existing Carrara shaders are automatically converted to Lux shaders, but Luxus also allows users to use Lux's native shader definitions. As these are different from those that Carrara users are used to, this can be confusing. Luxrender also works best with its own lighting system.

As I was using Luxus for Carrara, I found that I was developing a library of handy lights and materials that I could quickly apply to any scene - so I thought that I would develop and share this with other Luxus users.

This set comprises area lights, spot lights and bulb lights ready to be dropped into your scene in place of Carrara's equivalent lighting. Some quick background lighting is also included. On top of this, there are 65 seamless Lux-based shaders for common materials that you can just drag and drop onto your objects and surfaces. Particularly for materials such as metals, which do not tend to convert that well, this can be a real time saver and you are assured of quality results each time.

In addition to using these shaders as they are, they can act as great templates for developing your own - simply change the maps in a map-based shader (such as the Rock and Wood shaders) to use your existing image maps. Fabric, Rock and Wood are set up to tile seamlessly if you need a finer texture density, and change the color of lights or create your own metallic shaders with ease by editing these examples.

I have also included a couple of simple background props and left and right reflector screens to add bounce light to your main lighting, without needing to add extra lights to your scene.

I hope this collection saves you time and helps you get the best from your renders using Luxus for Carrara!

Required Products
Luxus for Carrara
  • This product includes:
    • 1 Carrara Installer
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • 9 Clear Shaders:
    • Clear Water
    • Crystal
    • Diamond
    • Eye Surface
    • Glass
    • Glass Pale Cyan
    • Glass Pale Red
    • Glass with Dispersion (produces spectral colours)
    • Lux Null (to make objects invisible)
  • 6 Fabric Shaders:
    • Cloth-Blue
    • Cloth-Green
    • Cloth-Neutral
    • Cloth-Red
    • Cloth-Tweed
    • Leather
  • 7 Glossy and 7 Matte Shaders:
    • Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, White, Yellow
  • 6 Emission Shaders to turn objects or surfaces into lights:
    • Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow
  • 10 Metal Shaders:
    • Aluminium
    • Black Metal
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Copper-Old
    • Gold
    • GunMetal
    • Mirror
    • Silver
    • Steel
  • 8 Rock Shaders:
    • Marble-Blue
    • Marble-Pink
    • Stone-Brown
    • Stone-Dark
    • Stone-Grey
    • Stone-Light
    • Stone-Pink
    • Stone-Yellow
  • 7 Wood Shaders:
    • Dark Wood
    • Medium Wood
    • Light Wood
    • Red Wood
    • Light Flooring
    • Medium Flooring
    • Dark Flooring
  • 5 Volume Shaders, apply to box surrounding area of render:
    • Distance (slight haze effect)
    • Dusty Interior (very subtle haze, suitable lighting will produce visible rays)
    • Fog (thicker version of Distance, but still not that thick)
    • Smoke (Black volume effect)
    • Smoke-Dense (thicker version of smoke)
  • 4 Bonus Objects:
    • Open Room (simple background with floor and 2 walls
    • Backdrop Screen (like a studio background)
    • 2 Reflectors to add bounce light from your main lighting

    This product requires Luxus for Carrara