Character Creation for Real-Time Filmmaking

Character Creation for Real-Time Filmmaking

This tutorial series is part of the Real-Time Filmmaking course, teaching you the tools you need to tell cinematic stories in the Unreal Game Engine. Once you understand this workflow you can create beautiful scenes with your own Daz characters and render animated movies in real time.

Compelling characters are at the heart of every story. Whether you’re using the character creation tool Adobe Fuse, or the vast array of characters and clothing available on Daz, this tutorial series will show you how to get your characters set up and ready for the animation process.

Adobe Fuse is a fast and fun tool to create custom characters ready for real-time animation in the Unreal Engine. I take you through the Fuse interface, showing you how to assemble the characters, apply clothing, and adjust materials.

Daz Studio gives you ample characters to choose from. I'll show you how to export your Genesis 3 Daz character as an FBX, make tweaks in Autodesk Maya, then import your character into Unreal, ready for animation.

What's Included and Features

  • Character Creation for Real-Time Filmmaking (.MP4)
  • With this course you get 60 minutes of video tutorials, divided into 4 videos:
    • Character Creation with Adobe Fuse - 20:02
      • Learn the character creation interface of Adobe Fuse, to quickly craft a character from preset pieces.
    • Fuse Character Setup - 11:11
      • Set up your materials in the Unreal Engine to get the best possible look.
    • Daz Character Export - 14:24
      • Export your Genesis 3 character from Daz Studio, including facial morphs. Fix issues and make adjustments inside Autodesk Maya.
    • Daz Character Setup - 16:47
      • Import your Genesis 3 character into Unreal, then set up the materials to make the character look as realistic as possible

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