3DA Rionach

3DA Rionach

* Rionach

One of the first Queens of Ireland, Rionach is a beautiful addition to your runtime. With features that are perfect for a variety of uses; Queenly, elegant, fantasy, sensual and the woman next door.

Rionach consists of a custom head morph, custom square nail morph & a custom genital morph. These will work on the base Victoria 4.2 and do not require any additional morph products. You may inject these as you choose to customize your character.

You will only need to have morphs++ if you wish to use Rionach's body shape options. These are true injection & removal files, you will NOT need to pre-inject morphs++

* Individual Customizing

All of Rionach's lipshades apply separately so that you may mix 'n match her makeup styles.
Rionach's makeup is provided in a soft as well as a more dramatic liner option .

To further customize Rionach you have MAT poses to remove or add tears, in clear or a slight blue option. There are also 3 eye reflections; no reflection, a basic reflection and my popular starry eye reflection.

Adding to Rionach's versatility is her body shape option which comes in nude & clothed. Her clothed body shapes flatten nipples & areola. You may choose to render with or without pubic hair as well.

* Ease of Use

Included with Rionach is an IK removal pose and eye fix pose if you wish to adjust her eyes or should you need to after certain poses are applied. Also included are 2 nail length options for her fingernails that are quite nice if you use either her square nails or the default shape.

There is also an included "smaller pupil" option.

* Bonus

Rionach has a bonus fantasy option as well that includes torso, limbs, nails, face, lips, eyes & lashes. You have a variety of options to apply these; full application, full face (includes face, lips, eyes, lashes), or by individual parts.

* Render Options

Included are Poser 6+ MATs as well as SSS MATS for Poser 9+

Studio Users, you have not been left out! Rionach includes wonderful Studio MATS for Studio 3.0 & up. These MATs were created by the very talented Fisty

**Important Information**

There are occasionally issues with V4 characters & the Perfect Fixes in Studio 4+. Most of them will work with Studio 4+ & the Perfect V4 Fixes if done in the correct order. Although Eris was only tested & is only guaranteed up to Studio 3 there are certain steps to use for the fixes in Studio 4+.

Please use the fixes in the following manner:

1. Load figure
2. Apply character morphs
3. Pose figure
4. Apply Perfect V4 fix morphs.

If you do it in this order there will be no breakage

* Included

The following is a list of included items


• Rionach Head INJ & REM [custom morph]
• Rionach Body C [clothed] INJ & REM
• Rionach Body N [nude] INJ & REM
• Genitals INJ & REM
• Square Nails INJ & REM [fingernails & toenails]
• Nail Default Length
• Nail Longer
• IK Removal Pose
• Eyes Fix Pose
• Tears Off
• Tears Blue
• Tears Clear

MATS for Poser 6+, SSS, Studio UberEnvironment include:

• 01 Full Skin
• Pubic On
• Pubic Off
• 08 Makeups in soft & liner = 16 Makeup otions
• 07 Lip Shades + 1 No Lipstick = 8 Lip Options
• 08 Eye Shades
• 03 Eye Reflections
• 05 Nail Options (bonus nail option is copied in defaul nail folder)
• 02 Lash Maps in 3 colours = 6 Lash Options

Floral Bonus MATS for Poser 6+, SSS, Studio UberEnvironment include:

• 01 Full Skin
• 01 Eye Shade
• 01 Lip Option
• 01 Nail Option
• 01 Glitter Lash

* Render Info

Poser images rendered in PP2012 using SSS & IDL with Gamma Off for all renders. Lights = Sveva's Luminescence #06. Main image uses the same lighting with an added specular & rim light.

Perfect V4 fixes have been used in the Poser renders to correct breaks & are not included.

DAZ Studio Renders were done with Lantios Lights & use the Perfect V4 fixes.

* Thank You

Thank you for your interest! If you'd like to be notified of future products just choose to favorite 3-D Arena, Fisty or both!

If you enjoy your purchase please consider leaving a review.

Product requirements

Poser 6+, Daz Studio 3
Base Figures:
Victoria 4
V4 morphs ++ for basic body shape
Compatible figures: 
Characters for Daz Studio and Poser