AVoR Devon for M4

AVoR Devon for M4

Devon is a new character for Michael 4. His skin is so light responsive, he changes radically with the lights you choose to light him with!
Head, body and limbs textures and bump maps at 4000x4000
Inject and remove poses
7 eye color options and mats with hair and/or bruises and contusions. Honest, you should see the other guy!
A pair of cool sunglasses with a few textures to get you started
Devon is Derek's best friend and they have been sidekicks since grade school. Once a year the guys move Heaven and Earth, or at least the F-150, to get together in the small town where they grew up and reminisce about their past hair raising escapades and the new grey hairs they grace their mothers’ heads with on a weekly basis. Now since Devon is coming for a visit, and Derek is already in town, they will be hurrying to the huge party tonight which will be well underway by dark and the girls can't wait.
And coming eventually to Freestuff are Superfly Materials for this young man. Yay.

Billy T’s pants
Ali’s hair

Software: Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
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