Bunny Babe for Star

Bunny Babe for Star

Bunny Babe is ready to hop into your Runtime for Easter and every day of the year.

This sexy lady will shake her cotton tail and make every image you create fun and sensuous.

Crafted to resemble a woman but with the touch of manga that makes her perfect for pin-up scenes or tender romance.

We used PMD files for the head morph and so we only created and tested this product in Poser.

For the body you need the amazing Nether Morphs for STAR!

Included SSS MAT files in both .pz2 and .mc6 versions.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Head
- REM Head
- INJ Body
- REM Body
- MAT Bunny Babe
- 1 MAT Body No Tattoo
- 3 MAT Body Tattoo
- 5 MAT Eyes
- 7 MAT Face
- 1 MAT Nails Base
- 4 MAT Nails Colours
- 4 MAT Latex Gloves
- 4 MAT Latex Stockings
- 1 MAT No Gloves
- 1 MAT No Stockings

Included are also several smart props:

Rabbit Mask
Left Cuff
Right Cuff
Ear Ring
Fluffy Tail

The smart props come with lots of MAT files:

- 11 MAT Fabric (for mask, cuffs and collar)
- 8 MAT Ear In
- 4 MAT Tail
- 2 MAT Ring
- 2 MAT Buttons
- 4 MAT Thread
- 2 MAT Heart
- !No Heart Option



We used pmd total body morphs for Poser, it will not work in Daz.


Product Requirements:

Poser 9 or above, Star by LittleFox and a PC.


Poser 10 / Poser Pro 2014 +, Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +, Poser 11

Compatible figures: Star

Requirements:  Nether Morphs for Star

Characters for Poser and Daz Studio