Fantasy Girls: Hecate

Fantasy Girls: Hecate

Newly updated for 2016! Fantasy Girls - Hecate is a sexy and dangerous fantasy witch for your runtime. She has been updated with new shaders and a brand new set of Head and Ear morphs. Hecate includes a set of bewitching fantasy jewelry to add that final bit of magic to your renders. If you have previously purchased Hecate you can download these updated files from your account area.

Fantasy Girls Hecate includes:

Custom Head INJ/REM for V4
Custom Head INJ/REM for A4
Custom Ear INJ/REM
Body INJ for A4
Body INJ for V4
Body INJ for V4 Elite
Nipple OFf INJ
Long Lashes INJ/REM
Long Nails INJ/REM
1 Default Face Texture and Bump
1 Default Body Texture and Bump
1 Default Limb Texture and Bump
2 Tattooed Limb Textures
2 Tattooed Torso Textures
20 Lip Makeup Textures + Natural
20 Face Makeup Textures
14 Eye Textures + Natural
14 Nail Textures
1 Eyelash Transparency Map
2 Eye Reflect Maps
1 Eye Bump Map
1 Mouth Texture
1 Mouth Bump Map

MAT Poses:

1 Default Apply First Full MAT
2 Full Body Tattoo MATs
1 Limb Tattoos Off MAT
1 Torso Tattoo Off MAT
20 Makeup MATs
1 Makeup Off MAT
20 Lip MATs
1 Lips Natural
4 Lash Color MATs
14 Eye MATs
15 Nail MATs
1 Nails Natural MAT

Bonus Jewelry Set:


2 Armbands ( 1 Left, 1 Right )
1 Necklace
1 Spine Piercing


Pentacle Earrings ( Left and Right Smart Props )
1 Ring Left Hand
1 Ring Right Hand
1 Staff
1 Staff Parented Right Hand
1 Staff Parented Left Hand
Star Stud Earrings ( Left and Right )
String Earrings ( Left and Right )
Under Eye Studs for Hecate A4 ( Left and Right )
Under Eye Studs for Hecate V4 ( Left and Right )

Jewelry Textures:
2 Textures for the Jewelry
4 Reflection Maps for the Jewelry

1 Hand Pose for the Staff

Not Tested in Daz Studio.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Requirements:  Optionally ( for body and A4 options ) Victoria 4.2 Morphs++, V4 Elite Morphs

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio