jkLea is a tan-skinned Genesis 3 Female modeled with Blacksmith3D v6.2.0.12 on the Genesis 3 Female Base. jkLea materials were created with Blacksmith3D and GIMP. She is modeled from real life proportions with natural-looking skin textures. No additional morphs are required but jkLea is adaptable with other morphs applied partially to create your own individual characters.

jkLea is made for Genesis 3 Female.


What’s Included:

jkLea Head Morph
jkLea Body Morph
jkLea Full Morph
jkLea IRAY and 3delight textures
Optional textures for torso (No Gen) and face (no eyebrows)

IRAY and 3Delight Presets

Character Preset to load complete head and body and texture
Shaping Preset to load just the head and body shape to a Genesis 3 Base Female or the full head and body shaoe to the Genesis 3 Base Female
Material Preset for IRAY and 3Delight to load just the texture to a Genesis 3 Base Female
5 Makeup Presets for IRAY and 3Delight with a set Face with brows and Face without eye brows
4 Fingernail and toenail Preset for IRAY and 3Delight
4 Lipstick Presets for IRAY and 3Delight
4 Eyecolor Presets for IRAY and 3Delight

Promos were rendered in Daz Studio Pro Edition (64-bit) using IRAY render engine unless noted otherwise.

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser and Daz Studio