Orc and troll for G8F

Orc and troll for G8F

Orc'n'troll is a custom morph and texture package for Genesis 8 Female base figure which is distributed for free with Daz Studio 4+. No additional morph packs are required to use the included character presets.


Actor/Full Body/Fantasy Sci Fi:
O&T Body 1
O&T Body 2
O&T Troll Scale
Actor/Head/Fantasy Sci Fi:
O&T Orc Head 1
O&T Orc Head 2
O&T Orc Head 3
O&T Troll Head 1
O&T Troll Head 2
O&T Troll Head 3
Actor/Hands/Fantasy Sci Fi:
Troll Hands
Actor/Feet/Fantasy Sci Fi:
Troll Feet
Pose Controls/Head/Mouth:
OTFang Fix

6 full character shape presets
6 texture and shader presets
1 lash shape preset (plese select G8F eyelashes first)
1 default G8F shape preset
7 lash material presets
1 default orc material preset
1 default troll material preset
3 SSS tint presets and 3 translusency color presets (can be used over default presets simultaniously or separately)
2 nail tint presets
4 lip overlay tints (final lip color will depend on the underlying tone)
7 facepaint overlays
6 eye color presets
1 fibermesh add-on for brows with 7 color presets

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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