Ren for Hiro4

Ren for Hiro4

Ren for Hiro4 is an Asian male character set for Hiro 4. He comes with 8 eye colors, 8 makeup face options and 10 nail colors. He is like a boy next door, but once he applys makeup, he changes into a Visual kei Rocker. Enjoy rendering him with various unique gothic makeup options.



Head INJ / REM
Body INJ / REM
Iris Large INJ
Iris Middle INJ
Iris Small INJ

---MAT poses---

01 Full Body MAT
08 Eyes colors MAT
08 Face MAT options
08 Gloss Lip MAT
10 Nail colors MAT


09 Face Texture Maps
01 Face Bump Map
01 Face Specular Map
01 Torso Texture Map
01 Torso Bump Map
01 Torso Specular Map
01 Limbs Texture Map
01 Limbs Bump Map
01 Limbs Specular Map
08 Eyes Texture Maps
01 Eyes Reflection Map
01 Eye sclera Texture Map
01 Eye sclera Bump Map
01 Lashes Transparency Map
01 Mouth Texture Map
10 Nail Texture Maps


All promo images are rendered with PoserPro11, FireFly render with Auto setting.
Figure, Hair, Clothing and Props are not included.

Software: Poser 1+

Compatible figures: Michael 4, Hiro 4

Compatible figures: 
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