TDT-Daphne for Aiko 4

TDT-Daphne for Aiko 4

A cute, adorable and beautiful character Daphne for Aiko 4 with her slender body shape

1 Head-INJ/REM
1 Body-INJ/REM
1 Full Skin SSS
3 Cornea
4 Eyelashes
10 Eye Colors
10 Makeups
10 Nails Color

In order to use Daphne you need the following products:

Aiko 4 Base:
Victoria 4.2 Morphs++

Additional products used in the promo images:

Laneana Hair by: 3Dream Mairy Order id: #102575816 @ daz3d
Marja Hair by: 3Dream, Mairy Order: #102450430 @ daz3d
Basicwear and Dark Fashion for V4 Basicwear Order: #101741880 and 102706775 @ daz3d
Caliente V4 by: Yanelis Barros Order id: #463689 @ Runtime DNA Inc.
Kandi Kisses by: Jackie Victor (PropsChick) ( 3D Runtime ) and Sarsa
DM's Flirty by: Daniela Hobracht (Danie), Martin Fornoni (marforno)
Casual Actions Poses by: ironman13 Order id: #102574044 @ daz3d

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