Mami for Maisie

Mami for Maisie

A new character for Maisie!

Her head is morphed in Zbrush to give her a totally new look.

This item comes with two different INJ-REM sets.

One set is the INJ-REM Mami + Lacey. This set will change both head and body and it combines the custom moprhed Mami Head with the Lacey character for Maisie.

The other set has two separate INJ-REM, one for the head and one for the body. The INJ-REM Mami Head is a toon custom moprhed head. The INJ-REM Mami Body uses the dialed morphs of Maisie. This body morph can also be used together with the previous set if you wish.

Her MAt files will render well in both Firefly and Superfly.

Several make-up options complete this character for a unique and realistic female figure ready to rock your Poser11 runtime!

In this package you'll find:

- INJ Head
- REM Head
- INJ Body
- REM Body
- INJ ALL (Head and Body) Mami + Lacey
- REM ALL (Head and Body) Mami + Lacey
- MAT Mami
- 6 MAT Eyes Without Reflections
- 6 MAT Eyes With Reflections
- 1 MAT Face Natural
- 7 MAT Face Make-Ups
- 1 MAT Lips Natural
- 7 MAT Lips Make-Up
- 2 MAT Lashes
- 1 MAT Nails Natural
- 8 MAT Nails Color


In order to work you will have to own Poser11, Maisie


Poser 11

Compatible figures: Maisie

Compatible figures: 
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