Remington_La Femme

Remington_La Femme

A beautiful co-ed, just coming into her own and ready to explore your runtime...

Introducing Remington for La Femme

Remi, as her friends call her, is a beautiful character morph and texture package for La Femme.

Remi comes complete with 8 makeup styles, 8 separate lip styles, 8 painted fingernail styles, 8 painted toenail styles and 8 stunning eye options.
With her beautiful custom sculpted face and and body shape, Remington La Femme is ready...

Remington_La Femme

character morph and textures
for La Femme


Remington_Head INJ
Remington_Complete INJ
Remington_Head REM
Remington_Complete REM

Textures (.mc6)

Remington default mat complete

8 Makeup styles
8 Lip Shades
8 Eye Shades
8 Fingernail Styles
8 Toenail Styles


Poser 11+

Remington_La Femme

Software:cPoser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro 1.1 - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products:
La Femme Pro - 1.1 Pro Base Figure for Poser 11

Compatible figures: 
Characters for Poser