Pageant Gear

Pageant Gear

Make Genesis your beauty queen with this four piece pageant set. With a sash and a tiara that adjusts to a wide variety of Genesis 3D model shapes, a scepter that has a jewel rigged for movement, and a lovely bouquet of roses and baby's breath. Pageant Gear will sashay into your runtime with grace, beauty and assurance. 3D design software features include hand crafted shape adjusted morphs, FF custom clothing fits, FF custom movement morphs, FF custom adjustment morphs, pageant gear tiara, pageant gear scepter and pageant gear bouquet.

  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
  • Pageant Gear Sash (.DUF)
    • Hand crafted Shape Adjusted morphs
      • V3, V4, V5, V5 Supermodel
      • S3, S4, S5, S5 Curvy, S5 Model
      • A3, A4, A5
      • Hitomi
      • Mavka
      • Basic Female, Basic Child
    • FF Custom Clothing fits
      • Fit Genesis Morphing Fantasy Dress
      • Fit Genesis Evening Gown
      • Fit Genesis Fairytale Gown
      • Fit Genesis Bikini
      • Fit Classic Swimwear Genesis, with and without Sarong
      • Fit Sexy Silky Dress
      • Hitomi Lace Top and Bottom
    • FF Custom Movement morphs
      • Front Flap Move
      • Back Flap Move
      • Sash Fall Forward
      • Sash Fall Back
      • Defy Gravity A (sash at hip move up)
      • Defy Gravity B (sash at shoulder move up)
      • Slide Off Shoulder
      • Arm Lift
    • FF Custom Adjustment morphs
      • Loosen Shoulder Blade
      • Move Back In or Out
      • Breast Move Forward
      • Breast Move Forward More
      • Breast Move Right
      • Breast Move Up or Down
      • Chest Lift
      • Drop or Raise Neck
      • Shoulder Front Forward
      • Shoulder Rotate
      • Upper Chest Arm Adjust A
      • Upper Chest Arm Adjust B
  • Pageant Gear Tiara (.DUF)
    • FF Custom Movement morphs
      • Move Up
      • Move Forward or Back
      • Tilt Up
      • Lengthen
      • Widen
  • Pageant Gear Scepter (.DUF)
    • Right Hand Smart Prop (jewel rigged for movement)
    • Left Hand Smart Prop (jewel rigged for movement)
  • Pageant Gear Bouquet(.DUF)
    • Right Hand Smart Prop
    • Left Hand Smart Prop
  • Textures and Transparency Maps (.DUF)
    • Sash
      • 7 solid colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, and White)
      • 7 Miss "Continent" sashes (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America)
      • 1 Miss Universe sash
      • 1 Miss Congeniality sash
      • 1 Miss Digital Art Zone sash
      • Numerous "one click" mixing options for sash color, trim, and center strip.
    • Tiara
      • 1 Silver and Crystal tiara complete texture
      • 1 Gold and Topaz tiara complete texture
      • 9 tiara jewel "one click" options (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline, Crystal, Emerald, Garnet, Pale Gold, Polished Silver, and Topaz.)
      • "One click" mixing options to change tiara components.
    • Bouquet
      • 5 complete bouquet textures (Ghoulish Goth, Miss Congeniality, Miss Macabre, Pageant Bouquet, and Perfectly Proper)
      • Numerous "one click" mixing options for rose color, baby's breath color, and bouquet sleeve.
    • Scepter
      • 1 Silver and Crystal scepter complete texture
      • 1 Gold and Topaz scepter complete texture
      • 7 scepter jewel "one click" options (Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline, Crystal, Emerald, Garnet, and Topaz)
      • "One click" mixing options to change scepter components (jewel, cage, bowl, rod, and base)
  • 54 Texture Maps (3000 x 3000)
    • Includes 6 transparency maps
  • Poses for Genesis Basic Female and both RH and LH Scepters and Bouquets (With minor tweaks poses can fit other shapes) (.DUF)
    • 01 Checking Tiara Holding LH Bouquet
    • 02 Checking Tiara Holding RH Bouquet
    • 03 Shocked Holding RH Bouquet
    • 04 Shocked Holding LH Bouquet
    • 05 Adjusting Tiara Holding RH Scepter
    • 06 Adjusting Tiara Holding LH Scepter
    • 07 Victory Walk Left Step
    • 08 Victory Walk Right Step
    • 09 Victory Walk 2 Left Step
    • 10 Victory Walk 2 Right Step
Compatible figures: 
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