3DToons Roman Soldiers and Gladiators for Toon Generation

3DToons Roman Soldiers and Gladiators for Toon Generation

You asked for it and here is it, another set of clothing done by me for the Toon Generation Figure. Add more roman style clothing to your runtime. Conquer the world with the ToonGen roman army or let the games begin with the ToonGen

To transform your ToonGen into a Roman army, this set contains Roman Legionary and Centurion clothing items that contains a set of conforming clothing with 2 sets of materials and a number of additional props. Go back in time with this fun set and turn the ToonGen into a complete roman army.

You will get sandals, a breastplate, an undergarment (which could be used for a dress as well) and a belt. All of these items are conforming clothing items. In addition to the conforming clothing items, there are a number of essential props included. What is a legionary (soldier) without a helmet, shield and a spear? What good is the centurion (officer) if he doesn't have a sword or his fancy helmet and arm plates? Luckily all these items are included.

The whole set comes in 2 flavours, textured and toon colored, but you can always replace the textures or colors with your own textures or shaders.

BUT..... that's not all, there is there's more...... the gladiator item contains 3 pieces of conforming clothing and a 6 props with 2 sets of materials.

These clothes are not for the faint hearted ToonGen character but those who have no fear and love danger and action. Find some of your ToonGen characters willing to wear those armors and they will for sure entertain the crowd of spectators. With the 2 types of helmets, 2 types of armor, 2 types of shields, the tunic, the sword and the spear you turn turn your ToonGen males or females into fearsome gladiators, ready for the arena.

The extra props are smart-propped for Poser. There are 2 sets of materials, light version and dark version, but you can mix and match materials as you like or use your own textures. For that
purpose all of the items do have material zones.

The conforming clothing items are complete with the ToonGen body shapes, like female, skeletal, malebuff and more. The tunics even have widen options to make it fit for walking poses even better. The clothes have no added stitting morphs, but with some adjustment you can make a
character sit, if you don't go to extremes. This set is not made for too extreme poses, but will handing regular bending and twisting very well.

In Poser, if you use the female dials, you may need to widenX the dress and tunic a little to make it fit the hips better.


* 7 Confoming clothing items: tunics, sandals, breastplates and a belt
* 13 (smart)props like weapons, shields and helmets
* ToonGen body dials are included with the clothes to fit body shapes like female, skeletal, malebuff and more
* The tunics have extra widen dials included to fit poses and body shapes better
* 1500x1500 sized texture sets
* In total 4 texture sets included, 2 styles for the soldier (regular and centurion) and 2 styles for the gladiator (silver/red and gold/black)
* Sets of materials included for both Poser and DAZ Studio

Required product:

Product requirements

Poser 6+ DAZ Studio
Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Daz Studio and Poser