More Fun - Tube Socks for G2M

More Fun - Tube Socks for G2M


Knee or Soccer Socks for Genesis 2 Male and all Genesis 2 Male based characters like M6, Teen Jayden etc. with 6 materials and 19 morphs included.

With the morphs you can "create" folds and loosen several areas of the socks to achieve a more realistic look of the socks.

The MORE FUN SOCKS come with 19 morphs:

- Crazy Folds
- Folds Ankle
- Folds Knee Back
- Folds Shin
- Folds Soles
- Folds Sole Sides
- Loosen Tops
- 45 L Shin ADJ
- 45 L Shin AND Folds
- 80 L Shin ADJ
- 80 L Shin AND Folds
- Left Loosen
- Left Loosen Top Bending Back
- 45 R Shin ADJ
- 45 RShin AND Folds
- 80 RShin ADJ
- 80 RShin AND Folds
- Right Loosen
- Right Loosen Top Bending Back

Extra funny: one preset to "create" holes into the fabric to get an old,
holey sock look.

A texture template is included as well to enable you to create your own styles.

This product is a stand-alone one but as an extra benefit the materials for the "Soccer Socks" of "Sport and Casual Socks Pack for Genesis 2 Male", also available at Renderosity ( ) do work with the socks.

It is also possible to use the material presets from the other sock variants (like ankle, tube etc.) with "LongSocks HP" to turn them into the corresponding sock type. You will be still able to use some of the morphs (the ones that affect a still visible area, like soles).

So if you own that product as well you can use it as an "expansion" for this product.


- DAZ Studio 4.6 or later
- DAZ Genesis 2 Male Figure

Product requirements

Daz Studio 4.6
Base Figures:
Michael 6/Genesis 2 Male
Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Daz Studio