Pantyhose & Leggins for Genesis

Pantyhose & Leggins for Genesis

We continue creating Genesis cloth necessary for eweryone. It's final female legwear pack. This product includes Pantyhose and Leggins for Genesis and gives a rich set of designs and colors for them. Fine for oriental, romantic, hot, sport and featured styles. Use our products to get wonderful renders. Product contains metadata for using as "Smart Content".

Package Details:

1 Pantyhose Figure
1 Short Leggins Figure
1 Leggins Figure

27 colors for Colorable styles

15 Colorable styles for Pantyhose
Include everyday, fishnet, ragged and laced styles.

11 Ready Up materials + 3 Colorable styles for Short Leggins
6 Ready Up materials + 3 Colorable styles for Leggins
3 Template maps.

Product requirements

Daz Studio 4.5
Base Figures:
Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Daz Studio