Abrion Combat Suit Material AddOn Iray

Abrion Combat Suit Material AddOn Iray

This Material Addon for Abrion Combat Suit includes many Options and Colors.

Colors All Maps

Black All Maps
Blue All Maps
Green All Maps
Grey All Maps
Orange All Maps
Pink All Maps
Red All Maps
Turquoise All Maps
Violet All Maps
White All Maps
Yellow All MAps

Colors Body Armor
Black Body Armor
Blue Body Armor
Green Body Armor
Grey Body Armor
Orange Body Armor
Pink Body Armor
Red Body Armor
Turquoise Body Armor
Violet Body Armor
White Body Armor
Yellow Body Armor

Colors Boots
Black Boots
Blue Boots
Green Boots
Grey Boots
Orange Boots
Pink Boots
Red Boots
Turquoise Boots
Violet Boots
White Boots
Yellow Boots

Colors Knee Protector
Black Knee Protector
Blue Knee Protector
Green Knee Protector
Grey Knee Protector
Orange Knee Protector
Pink Knee Protector
Red Knee Protector
Turquoise Knee Protector
Violet Knee Protector
White Knee Protector
Yellow Knee Protector

Colors Leg Armor
Black Leg Armor
Blue Leg Armor
Green Leg Armor
Grey Leg Armor
Orange Leg Armor
Pink Leg Armor
Red Leg Armor
Turquoise Leg Armor
Violet Leg Armor
White Leg Armor
Yellow Leg Armor

Colors Pants
Black Pants
Blue Pants
Green Pants
Grey Pants
Orange Pants
Pink Pants
Red Pants
Turquoise Pants
Violet Pants
White Pants
Yellow Pants

Colors Shoulder Protector
Black Shoulder Protector
Blue Shoulder Protector
Green Shoulder Protector
Grey Shoulder Protector
Orange Shoulder Protector
Pink Shoulder Protector
Red Shoulder Protector
Turquoise Shoulder Protector
Violet Shoulder Protector
White Shoulder Protector
Yellow Shoulder Protector

Colors Suit
Base Black Suit
Base Blue Suit
Base Green Suit
Base Grey Suit
Base Orange Suit
Base Pink Suit
Base Red Suit
Base Turquoise Suit
Base Violet Suit
Base White Suit
Base Yellow Suit

Suit Options
25 Opaque Suit
40 Opaque Suit
60 Opaque Suit
80 Opaque Suit
100 Opaque Suit
Hide Gloves L.I.E
Hide Suit and Neck
Hide Suit

Colors Sword
Black Sword
Blue Sword
Green Sword
Grey Sword
Orange Sword
Pink Sword
Red Sword
Turquoise Sword
Violet Sword
White Sword
Yellow Sword

Color Belt /Coupling/Sword and Sheath
Black Belt
Black Coupling
Black Sword and Sheath
Blue Belt
Blue Coupling
Blue Sword and Sheath
Green Belt
Green Coupling
Green Sword and Sheath
Grey Belt
Grey Coupling
Grey Sword and Sheath
Orange Belt
Orange Coupling
Orange Sword and Sheath
Pink Belt
Pink Coupling
Pink Sword and Sheath
Red Belt
Red Coupling
Red Sword and Sheath
Turquoise Belt
Turquoise Coupling
Turquoise Sword and Sheath
Violet Belt
Violet Coupling
Violet Sword and Sheath
White Belt
White Coupling
White Sword and Sheath
Yellow Belt
Yellow Coupling
Yellow Sword and Sheath.duf

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Required Products: Abrion Combat Suit and Character Morph for Genesis 8 Female DAZ Studio Iray

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio