Character Clay for G8F

Character Clay for G8F

Character Clay Suit for G8F is a Hi poly obj figure for self detailed sculpting of any fantasy item You may imagine for G8 Female. Intended for all those who complains about low genesis figure resolution and intended for static art rather than game content, good LOD equipment at final step of art still recomended :) Object exceeds 2mln polys so make sure Your equipment can work efficiently with that level of details. Not suitable for maximum body streach poses, they may cause croch issues.Work both Iray and 3delight although may need some dark/light adjustments in Surfaces>Base color Tab the item also intended for self-texturing (mesh UV map included)
How it works- open figure in daz using "Female Clay Suit.duf" check it in content tab, go to File>Export>Chose obj file and save. Now You may sculpt in soft You use for sculpting, recomended C4D or Zbrush. Save morph in those softwares also as Obj and Import morph in DAZ via Edit>Object>Morph loader pro. Please enjoy.

Female Clay Suit Load All as Scene.duf
Female Clay Suit.duf
G8F Opacity Off.duf

NO genitals and NO additonal morphs included! Promo images only as examples what item can do.
License for personal and commercial use, please feel free to sculpt and share Your morphs for suit with others for money, but redistribution of base mesh is not allowed it is under standard Renderosity license.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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