Composed for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Composed for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Composed Dress is a stylish and sexy dress for the Genesis 2 Female. Fits are included for all major Genesis 2 Female figures and body shapes, as well as Victoria 4 for G2F.

What's Included:

17 Adjustment Morphs:

Adjust Arms
Adjust Breast
Adjust Chest
Adjust Flare
Adjust Glutes
Adjust Hips
Adjust LThigh Back
Adjust LThigh Fwd
Adjust LThigh Side
Adjust Neck
Adjust RThigh Back
Adjust RThigh Fwd
Adjust RThigh Side
Adjust Shoulders
Adjust Waist
Adjust Zip Movement
Adjust Zip Placement

6 Leg Bending Morphs:

LegL Bent
LegL Fully Bent
LegR Bent
LegR Fully Bent
Legs Both Bent
Legs Both Fully Bent

6 Styling Morphs:

Dress Baggy
Dress Leather
Dress Longer
Dress Shorter
Dress Thicker
Dress Wrinkled

4 Material Options
10 Texture Image Files 4096 x 4096


The leg bending morphs are optional, and are designed for achieving more realistic posing with the legs bent. Simply pose your character, then apply the relevant leg bending morph to get a more dynamic feel. Play around with the morphs and see what you can create.

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Daz Studio 4.6

Base Figures: Victoria 6/Genesis 2 Female

Digital ProductFile (1): 76.69 MBFile (2): 9.95 MB

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