dForce - Minerva for G8F

dForce - Minerva for G8F

What's Included & Features

Figures (.duf)
--1 dForce ready Gown
--1 dForce ready Cape

dForce Surfaces Presets
--Cape Default
--Gown Default
--Cape Silkier
--Cape Expand 110%
--Cape Stiffer
--Gown Skirt Shrink
--Gown Skirt Silkier
--Gown Top Expand 110%
--Gown Top Shrink 95%
--Gown Neck Dynamic 0.40

--1 Invisible Ground Plane

Preset Iray Materials (.duf)
--16 Base materials plus plain white option for both Gown and Cape
--16 Diffuse mandala backgrounds (Diffuse Image to be used on white base, with or without mandala LIE overlay)
--7 Bumps maps, 4 bump strengths and bump OFF
--80 Diffuse colours
--14 Gloss options plus OFF
--18 LIE lace/sheer options (4 styles with MFlakes and without for both Gown and Cape)
--2 LIE seam option
--7 LIE diffuse image gamma options for both Gown and Cape
--5 Mandala overlays for both Gown and Cape (4 colour filled and one just outline)
--5 Metallicity strength
--25 Transparencies and transmaps
--80 Metallic Flakes (MF) colours
--Various metallic flake options including Blank Out, Plain, ON, OFF, Roughness and Density,
--10 Premade textures (Individual for Gown and Cape plus hierarchy options)

--1 Simulation Setting
--Add Initialization time 0.5
--Smoothing ON and OFF

Guides are also included to get you started.

Software: Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio