FRQ Dynamics: Well Dressed M

FRQ Dynamics: Well Dressed M

Classic style menswear - shirt, pants and tie. This is both Hybrid Clothing (parts of the clothing are conforming and the rest will have to be simulated in Poser's Cloth Room, and Dynamic clothing. You get two different pants, the Hybrid version has the belt and the Dynamic version is witout belt and has a button instead.

Clothing models feature realistic looking modelled front and cuff openings, rigid decorated buttons and soft decorated belt loops. The collar and belt parts are conforming. All cloth groups have set up in advanced as usual.

This pack contains:

* Hybrid Shirt and Hybrid Pants Figures .cr2
* Dynamic Pants and Dynamic Tie Smart Props .pp2
* Morphs on the Hybrid and Dynamic garments (non-crosstalk)
* .mc6 materials, both for full items and parts
* Draping and Zero poses
* Instructions and Cloth Room tips

Note: This product is not suitable for DAZ Studio - the Poser Cloth Room is required.

Promo Credits are found under the Promo Credits Tab.

Additional Promo Credits: Timeless Male Hair from Daz, M4 Dress Boots by nfredman (Renderosity Freebie)

Tip on using dynamic cloth with shoes: I have had some issues simulating cloth against additional figures (shoes). For the promo pictures, this was handled by exporting the shoes to Wings 3d (free), reimporting them separately for each foot and setting them up as smart props. M4's feet were then made invisible for the final renders.

Software: Poser 6+

Base Figures:  Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio