German Greatcoat WWII

German Greatcoat WWII

Historically accurate and highly detailed military uniform, with equipment and headgear included to reproduce the german greatcoat uniform of World War Two, in leather or cloth worn by Officers and Soldiers in combat. Compatible with equipment and uniforms in these Tannenbaum products : German SS Black Uniform WWII and German Infantry WWII. Includes morphs and poses. Promo images showcase a mix of German Greatcoat WWII, German infnatry WWII and Panzer Crew. See package content below for a list of what is included in this product.

Note : Older products, German SS Black Uniform WWII and German Infantry WWII, which this product is aimed to be compatible with, don't include morphs for adjustments on the tunic or the Y straps for example, but you can copy morphs from the greatcoat in poser by going to figure>copy morphs from>choose the greatcoat figure. German Infantry WWII needs a modification : the mess kit and canteen must be parent to "hip", instead of "abdomen" for better posing.


Conforming clothing :

- greatcoat Infantry, with belt, compatible with german infantry equipment
- greatcoat General, with belt and red lining
- greatcoat Officer, closed, no belt
- greatcoat open, compatible with german SS black uniform and german infantry uniform ( hide arms)
- pants
- breeches
- boots
- gloves
- officer belt for infantry greatcoat and infantry tunic
- binoculars
- binoculars, looking trough
- 15 Shoulder straps, troop, NCOs, officers and generals
- knight Cross (collar)
- armband
- 5 collar variants (showing under the greatcoat), troop, officer, general, SS and SS with tie.
- gas mask strap for infantry gas mask canister compatibility

props :

- goggles
- goggles on visor cap
- P08 Luger pistol
- Luger holster
- visor cap Heer Officer
- visor cap Waffen SS Officer
- visor cap General

poses :

- breeches General
- black pants
- buttons Gold (General)
- collar tabs Heer General, Officer and troop for the tunic
- field grey cloth for all greatcoat versions
- leather for all greatcoat versions
- motrocycle raincoat for all greatcoat versions
- red lining for the general greatcoat
- leather gloves
- whool gloves
- hide M4 body (skin showing trought)
- hide arms (tunic showing trought)
- shoulder Boards textures, Field Officers, Senior Officers, General and leather.
- gold eagle for the tunic
- 11 various Michael 4 soldier poses as seen in promo (shooting, crawling, running, etc...)

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio