Gynoid NextGen5 for G3F

Gynoid NextGen5 for G3F

Gynoid NextGen5 contains 5 pieces of high quality clothing set. For a better user experience, the heels of the boots are rigged separately; can be moved independently of the position
of the feet.

Supported Characters list :
- Victoria7
- Olympia7
- Arabella7
- Aiko7
- Girl7
- Sunny7
- FBM_TopModel (Raiya)
- Betsie PinUp (EdArt3D)
- Mangastic_Satsuki (EdArt3D)

Other Shapes supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow with more or less mesh deformation

Package Content:
- TriAx Conforming Dress (8 FBM + 12 Adjusting Morphs + 8 JCM)
- TriAx Conforming Belt (9 FBM + 8 Adjusting Morphs)
- TriAx Conforming LH_Gauntlets (9 FBM + 2 Adjusting Morphs)
- TriAx Conforming RH_Gauntlets (9 FBM + 2 Adjusting Morphs)
- TriAx SuperConforming Boots

5 Wearable Presets:
- OneClick Full Set Chromium_Cr24
- OneClick Full Set Gold_Au79
- OneClick Full Set Steel_Blue
- OneClick Full Set Dark_Cherry
- OneClick Full Set Rubycon

Iray MATs :
- 1_Chromium_Cr24 (Dress; Belt; Gauntlets; Boots)
- 2_Gold_Au79 (Dress; Belt; Gauntlets; Boots)
- 3_Steel_Blue (Dress; Belt; Gauntlets; Boots)
- 4_Dark_Cherry (Dress; Belt; Gauntlets; Boots)
- 5_Rubycon (Dress; Belt; Gauntlets; Boots)
- A set of Show/Hide utility pose for the Dress Neck and to transform Boots into Ankle Boots.

Utility Poses :
- Boots_Feet_Reset

Daz Studio Only Product (created in Daz Studio Pro 64bits version)
This product is not a Merchant Resource.
Always select G3F figure before apply any wearable preset.

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Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio