Kitbashers v02 : By MightyMite for G3M/G3F

Kitbashers v02 : By MightyMite for G3M/G3F

Included in Pack:
- Complete Supersuit for G3M (Costume Breakdowns & Suggested Colors included)
- Complete Supersuit for G3F (Costume Breakdowns & Suggested Colors included)

In the Grand Old Tradition of Model Kitbashing. These sets allow you to mix and match components from each set we offer to create your very own combination of character's suits. PLUS!!! If you'd
like to create teams that consist of Males AND Females AND you insist on them matching this set helps you with that too!

This set is intended to be pieced together with our other kitbasher sets. The flexibility that this gives you to create your very own creations is the top priority. Each set starts with a supersuit that suggest a hero. But the pieces parts is where your imagination is allowed to run wild.

I love comics and I love creating comic images. So who knows what future sets I will offer. But Kitbashing will be my theme!

As you can see from the images, we've strived to make the Female and the Male to match as close as possible. So, if you are creating a team of superheroes, you will have a better
chance of matching them to create a more cohesive team!

All the poses that are display can be purchased through our store, MightyMite...
Exclusively at Renderosity!!!

Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 3 Male

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio