OhLaLa Singlet for Genesis 8 Male dForce

OhLaLa Singlet for Genesis 8 Male dForce

This product was designed to work with Genesis 8 Male.
Due to this it uses all DAZ 4.9 specific advantages and is not suitable or meant to be used in Poser.
Some knowledge about DAZ Studio is needed to use this product properly because it is necessary to manually adjust the "Collision" or "Smoothing" Modifiers after Poses have been applied now and then.
You will find 88 Morphs for Adjustment , Movement and Shaping (Bulge,Folds,other Looks).

Product Description:

1 conforming Singlet for Genesis 8 Male
1 conforming Singlet with dForce Setting

Materials are saved for 3Delight and IRAY. They look not 100 percent equal !

16 Materials
- 4 Textured
-12 Uni colors

1 Material option for the dForce Cloth

9 Maps for Bump, Color,Overlay and NormalMap
2 Templates for easy recoloring

Materials may need adjustment depending on Render Settings !!

ADJ Abdomen L.dsf
ADJ Abdomen R.dsf
ADJ Abdomen.dsf
ADJ Back Bottom.dsf
ADJ Back Mid.dsf
ADJ Back Neck.dsf
ADJ Back Top.dsf
ADJ Breast L.dsf
ADJ Breast R.dsf
ADJ Breast.dsf
ADJ Chest L.dsf
ADJ Chest R.dsf
ADJ Chest.dsf
ADJ Glute L.dsf
ADJ Glute R.dsf
ADJ Glute.dsf
ADJ Hip.dsf
ADJ Neck Wider.dsf
ADJ Shoulder Up L.dsf
ADJ Shoulder Up R.dsf
ADJ Shoulder Up.dsf
ADJ Thigh Front L.dsf
ADJ Thigh Front R.dsf
ADJ Thigh Inner Sides.dsf
ADJ Thigh L.dsf
ADJ Thigh R.dsf
ADJ Thigh Sides Out.dsf
ADJ Thigh.dsf
Adj Crotch.dsf
Back Lift L.dsf
Back Lift R.dsf
Back Lift.dsf
Back Short.dsf
Bulge 1.dsf
Bulge 2.dsf
Bulge 3.dsf
Bulge 4.dsf
Bulge 5.dsf
Bulge Longer.dsf
Bulge Wider.dsf
Deep Back.dsf
Deep Hip Part.dsf
Deep Hip Sides.dsf
Front Open More.dsf
Front Open.dsf
Glute Out L.dsf
Glute Out R.dsf
Hip Loosen More.dsf
Hip Loosen.dsf
Loosen More L.dsf
Loosen More R.dsf
Loosen Side L.dsf
Loosen Side Right.dsf
Shoulder Move Out L.dsf
Shoulder Move Out R.dsf
Side Down L.dsf
Side Down R.dsf
Small Strap Back.dsf
Small Straps.dsf
Straps Out Front Cross.dsf
Straps Out Front.dsf
Stretch Back 2.dsf
Stretch Back.dsf
Stretch Glute Part.dsf
Stretch Neck.dsf
Thigh Line.dsf
Thigh Short.dsf

Daz Studio 4.10 + (required for dForce)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio