Private Moments: X-Fashion Lace Bodysuit - G8F

Private Moments: X-Fashion Lace Bodysuit - G8F

A lovely new versatile set for X-Fashion Lace Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Females by xtrart-3d

All styles are available for Any Colour ("Quick Click Colours" included). Combine overlay designs onto matching base styles to select differenr colours for the accents. Alternatively place overlays over basic styles.

Adjust with 4 varying strengths.

Colours of accents will vary depending on the base colour choice.

☆ Package Includes ☆

• 10 Any Colour Suit Styles

• 02 Metallic Trim Options
• 04 Overlay Styles
• 04 Overlay Strengths

Optimized for Iray

♛ Bonus !


35 ALL NEW "Quick Click Colours" to make it easy to change your colours.
• 35 "Quick Click Colours"
• 06 "Quick Click Colours"
for metallic accents
• 32 "Quick Click Colours"
for Overlays

Available in IRay & 3Delight

☆ About the Private Moments Collection ☆

Private Moments: Those quiet or intimate moments when you can be completely yourself. Relaxing, letting your hair down; either alone or sharing your inner most self with that someone special. However you choose to spend it, always enjoy your Private Moments.

The Private Moments Collection is created to accentuate the feminine. With the same attention to fabrics & options that you've come to expect from 3-D Arena. We've taken our 16+ years of content creation experience to create this line designed to accent your runtime.

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DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Required Products:  
X-Fashion Lace Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Females

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio