RP Hats The Madder

RP Hats The Madder

Hats the Madder is a new fantasy clothing package for Genesis 3. It's a whimsical ensemble, very versatile, and loads of fun! Although the Hats the Madder pack was created for Genesis 3, it works very well on Genesis 8 as you can see here on the right with Victoria 8.

Included in this package:

- Hats the Madder Corset
- Hats the Madder Jacket, including pocketwatch
and ribbons as parented props
- Hats the Madder Pants
- Hats the Madder Boots
- Hats the Madder Belt, buckle as parented prop
- Hats the Madder Hat
- Hats the Madder Neckbow, with bow as parented prop
- Hide/Show Option for Jacket Skirt
- Material applications for all pieces

Hats the Madder jacket includes six extra bones for movement when posing and morphs.
Each piece includes smoothed morphs for all the popular G3 character and body morphs, and adjustment and movement morphs as well.
This package includes shaders for Iray only.

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
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