scifi pack one

scifi pack one

This is a pack to create your scifi renders or animations. You get:
- The motorcycle ( original adh3d concept )
- The bodysuit
- The googles
- The boots
- Driving pose for adman v2

The motorcycle is a full posable figure, you can turn the handlebars, and move the wheels.

You can download the adman v2 male Poser figure free in this link :

Poser versions note:
The bodysuit, the googles and the boots work in Poser 9 or later. ( they are for adman v2 Poser 9+ figure)
The motorcycle works in Poser 5 or later

Any doubt, contact me.


Software: Poser 8+

Requirements:  free adman v2 Poser 9+ figure

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio