Strict Teacher - BUNDLE

Strict Teacher - BUNDLE


- Accessories: Bracelets left arm, Bracelets right arm, Glasses, Notepad zero, Notepade G8F right hand, Pen zero, Pen G8F left hand, Stick G8F left hand.
- G8F Poses: 6 poses (4 seat 2 stand)
- G8F Teacher preset: 5 wearables for G8F with full items with poses and textures preset.
- Hierarchical Materials: 5 Presets to change at once all items (skirt, shoes, sweater). Select G8F and applied the preset.
- Shoes: 1 wearable (load shoes + feet pose), 1 Feet pose, 1 Feet zero pose, 1 wardrobe paire of shoes figure.
- Skirt: 1 Skirt figure with 6 morphs movements / 6 mats poses to activate and desactivate morphs movements: Up right, Up left, Up front, Up back, Open back, Fit to panties. 4 options (transmap) to adjust the lenght of the skirt.
- Sweater: 1 Sweater figure with 5 morphs movements / 5 mats poses to activate and desactivate morphs movements: Up, Short, Neck style, Long, Fit to bra.
- 1 full schoolroom preload all items: room, chairs, tables, desk, lights, camera
- 1 schoolroom empty
- 1 Iray render preset
- 1 camera
- 6 poses in schoolroom for G8F
- 1 chair zero position
- 1 desk zero position
- Room: 6 separates parts. Door can be opened.
- 69 PBR textures maps 4096x4096

Iray materials only, 3DeLight materials are not included.

Product located in: \People\Genesis 8 Female\Clothing\powerage\StrictTeacherG8F\

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY, DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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