SuperHose Infinite Garterbelts and Straps for Genesis 2 Female(s)

SuperHose Infinite Garterbelts and Straps for Genesis 2 Female(s)

SuperHose Infinite Garterbelt & Straps for Genesis 2 Female(s)

Turn your SuperHose Infinite Stockings into the ultimate lingerie experience with sexy garterbelts and straps.

Included are 5 high quality conforming garterbelts with seperate
straps that perfectly fit your SuperHose Infinite stockings. The
ends of the straps have been positioned to be used with the "Thighs Mids“ SuperHose Infinite stocking style or optionally perfectly fit the SuperHose Infinite Stocking Ends.

Garterbelts and straps automatically conform to any morph dialed up in your Genesis 2 Female and come with a bunch of adjusting morphs to wear over panties.

The included straps are available in seperate pairs, one for the front of the legs, one for the back of the legs. It is up to you wether to load both or just one pair.

Straps come with different length options and one preset to individually manipulate the length to your personal needs.

BONUS: As a bonus we included a third pair of straps for the sides of the legs. These straps are not meant to be
used with the included garterbelts. These are more likely to be used with other clothing from your G2F library.

This set comes with an additional BONUS set of morphs for other clothing from the outoftouch Genesis 2 Female outfit collection.
Supported OOT G2F products: BodyCon Dress, Emergency Nurse, HOT Dress, Leather Body, Seductive Office, Sexy Corsage, Sexy

Included are 10 highly-detailed lace texture styles for each Garterbelt 2, 3, 4 and 5, summing up to 40 different styles.

All included style options, straps and Garterbelt 1 can be colored with the original SuperHose Infinite color options to make colors match perfectly. Included are 50 colors to choose from.

We hope you like this set, thank you very much for viewing.

What you get with this package:

08 Geometry files (.duf)

05 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Garterbelt Figures for G2F (.duf)
03 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Garterstrap Figures for G2F (.duf)

10 Full Texture Styles for each Garterbelt (.duf)
06 Garter Straps Length Presets (.duf)
50 Color Options (.duf)


17 Textures / Transmaps (4000x4000) (.jpg)

Required products:

Genesis 2 Female(s) by DAZ3D

Optional: SuperHose Infinite for Genesis 2 Female(s) by outoftouch

DAZ Studio 4.6 or higher

This product does not work in Poser.

Product requirements

Daz Studio 4.6
Base Figures:
Victoria 6, Genesis 2 Female
Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio