Swat for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Swat for Genesis 3 Female(s)

”Swat for Genesis 3 Female(s)” is an outfit set which is designed for Genesis 3 Female(s). The parts are formed by high quality meshes and also contain many dynamic morphs to give the most realism to your scenes.


1 Fit to Swat Top Figure
1 Fit to Swat Bodysuit Figure
1 Fit to Swat Boots Figure
1 Fit to Swat Stockings Figure
1 Fit to Swat Gloves Figure
1 Fit to Swat LegBandR Figure
1 Fit to Swat LegBandL Figure
1 Fit to Swat ArmBandR Figure
1 Fit to Swat ArmBandL Figure

Dynamic Morphs

Top StrapDownl
Top StrapDownR
Top Style

Bodysuit BeltOpen1
Bodysuit BeltOpen2
Bodysuit BeltOpen3
Bodysuit SkirtFrontLeftUp
Bodysuit SkirtFrontRightUp
Bodysuit SkirtFrontUp
Bodysuit SkirtLengthShort
Bodysuit StrapDownL
Bodysuit StrapDownR

Armbands ArmBandsLengthShortL
Armbands ArmBandsLengthShortR

Fitting Morphs

Top ADJBreastFront
Top ADJBreastL
Top ADJBreastR
Top ADJBreastSide
Top ADJBreastFull

Bodysuit ADJBelt
Bodysuit ADJBreastFront
Bodysuit ADJBreastL
Bodysuit ADJBreastR
Bodysuit ADJBreastSide
Bodysuit ADJHip
Bodysuit ADJThighBendSideL+
Bodysuit ADJThighBendSideR+
Bodysuit ADJThighSideL+
Bodysuit ADJThighSideR+
Bodysuit ADJWaist

Boots ADJBoots
Boots ADJFoots

Stockings ADJStockings

Gloves ADJGlovesR - ADJGlovesL

Armbands ADJArmbandsR - ADJArmbandsL

LegBands ADJLegBandsR - ADJLegBandsR


Top CTRLBreastsImplants
Top CTRLBreastsNatural
Top FBMExpandAll
Top FBMFitnessSize
Top FBMGirl7
Top FBMVictoria7
Top FBMVoluptuous
Top FBMAiko7
Top FBMOlympia7
Top PBMBreastsCleavage
Top PBMBreastsDiameter
Top PBMBreastsPerkSide
Top PBMBreastsSize
Top PBMBreastsSmall
Top PBMNipples
Top PBMNipplesSize

Bodysuit CTRLBreastsImplants
Bodysuit CTRLBreastsNatural
Bodysuit FBMFitnessSize
Bodysuit FBMGirl7
Bodysuit FBMVictoria7Body
Bodysuit Aiko7
Bodysuit FBMOlympia7
Bodysuit FBMVoluptuous
Bodysuit JCMThighBendL
Bodysuit JCMThighBendR
Bodysuit JCMThighTwistL+
Bodysuit JCMThighTwistL-
Bodysuit JCMThighTwistR+
Bodysuit JCMThighTwistR-
Bodysuit PBMBreastsCleavage
Bodysuit PBMBreastsDiameter
Bodysuit PBMBreastsPerkSide
Bodysuit PBMBreastsSize
Bodysuit PBMBreastsSmall
Bodysuit pJCMThighBack_35_L
Bodysuit pJCMThighBack_35_R
Bodysuit pJCMThighFwd_115_L
Bodysuit pJCMThighFwd_115_R
Bodysuit pJCMThighSide_85_L
Bodysuit pJCMThighSide_85_R
Bodysuit pJCMThighTwist_75_R
Bodysuit pJCMThighTwist_n75_L

Boots FBMFitnessSize
Boots FBMGirl7
Boots FBMVictoria7
Boots FBMVoluptuous
Boots FBMAiko7
Boots FBMOlympia7
Boots JCMFootSideL+
Boots JCMFootSideL-
Boots JCMFootSideR+
Boots JCMFootSideR-
Boots JCMFootTwistL+
Boots JCMFootTwistL-
Boots JCMFootTwistR+
Boots JCMFootTwistR-
Boots JCMToesTwistL+
Boots JCMToesTwistL-
Boots JCMToesTwistR+
Boots JCMToesTwistR-
Boots JCMToesUpL
Boots JCMToesUpR
Boots pJCMFootDwn_75_L
Boots pJCMFootDwn_75_R
Boots pJCMFootUp_40_L
Boots pJCMFootUp_40_R

Stockings FBMFitnessSize

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Software: Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
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