Tattooist Outfit Textures

Tattooist Outfit Textures

Tattooist Outfit Textures

For Genesis 3 Female
For Genesis 8 Female

50 Textures For Tattooist Outfit

Character, hair, Swimsuit for Genesis Female on images are NOT included!

This package contains:

Materials Iray (.DUF)

TT Apron 01 Blood.duf
TT Apron 01.duf
TT Apron 02 Blood.duf
TT Apron 02.duf
TT Apron 03 Blood.duf
TT Apron 03.duf
TT Apron 04 Blood.duf
TT Apron 04.duf
TT Apron 05 Blood.duf
TT Apron 05.duf
TT Apron Translucent 01.duf
TT Apron Translucent 02.duf
TT Apron Translucent 03.duf
TT Apron Translucent 04.duf
TT Apron translucent 05.duf
TT Apron Translucent 06.duf
TT Apron Translucent Blood 01.duf
TT Apron Translucent Blood 02.duf
TT Apron Translucent Blood 03.duf
TT Apron.duf
TT Boots 01.duf
TT Boots 02.duf
TT Boots 03.duf
TT Boots 04.duf
TT Boots.duf
TT Gloves 01 Blood.duf
TT Gloves 01.duf
TT Gloves 02 Blood.duf
TT Gloves 02.duf
TT Gloves 03 Blood.duf
TT Gloves 03.duf
TT Gloves 04 Blood.duf
TT Gloves 04.duf
TT Gloves 05 Blood.duf
TT Gloves 05.duf
TT Gloves.duf
TT Mask 01 Blood.duf
TT Mask 01.duf
TT Mask 02 Blood.duf
TT Mask 02.duf
TT Mask 03 Blood.duf
TT Mask 03.duf
TT Mask 04 Blood.duf
TT Mask 04.duf
TT Mask 05 Blood.duf
TT Mask 05.duf
TT Mask 06 Blood.duf
TT Mask 06.duf
TT Mask.duf
TT Outfit.duf

Textures Include:

63 Textures, specular, bump, normal and transparency maps (2048 x 2048 to 512 x 512 )

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Female, Genesis 8 Female

Requirements:  Tattooist Outfit

Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio